Antibacterial Door Handles

Limit infections by safely sanitizing door handles
Killian D’Arcy
August 6, 2020

These handles are designed for use in public buildings, schools, hospitals and all stores open to the general public.

The handle is an antibacterial and antimicrobial surface for a door. It provides active protection against the spread of germs and bacteria. The handle immediately and permanently suppresses the growth of pathogens on the handle, as confirmed by independent lab and practice tests.

The coating on the handles contain silver ions that prevent the growth of germs. The silver destroys the cell membrane of the germs and therefore blocks cell respiration and cell ingestion. Cell division stops; the germ dies. Independent tests have shown that the handle reduces the growth of germs in this way by more than 99% – even with regular cleaning, and it requires no maintenance. The coating on the handle is valid for 5 years.

We provide a professional onsite installation service where our locksmiths will remove the existing handles and install the new handles.

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