Finger Print Recognition Locks

Killian D’Arcy
October 27, 2019

The future is now at your finger tips…

Biometric locking is something that a few years ago you would only seen in movies but now it is a standard electronic locking option on the Burg Wachter Diplomat safe range. The very clever wireless finger print reader not only checks for the correct finger print, but also looks for a pulse in the finger being scanned.

There are many advanategs for Biometric locking but the most significant advantage, is that unlike traditional keys or 6 digit pincodes, a finger print cannot be shared with anyone else, thus eliminating users giving unauthorised access to anyone else.

The Burg Wachter Diplomat safe is certified to a European Grade 1 Standard with an AIS Insurance rating of £10,000 cash and is VDS Approved with the Biometic locking feature.

Biometric locking options are not only available on safes but also available in an electronic euro cylinder style, this allows you to convert most modern doors to biometric locking with very little hassle.

Should you wish to discuss Biometric locking in further detail please feel free to contact one of our locksmiths on 052-6128090 or fill in the contact form on our website