How Smart Technology can improve your security

A look at how smart locks have opened up a world of new security features that could not be achieved with conventional mechanical locks
Killian D’Arcy
September 24, 2021

In recent years there has been many significant improvements to smart lock technology both in terms of reliability, functionality and security. While previously many associated smart technology as non-essential, companies like SimonsVoss  have developed an industry leading range of smart locking devices that are secure, reliable and look incredibly well.

Improved Functionality

Smart locks have opened up a world of new security features that simply could not be achieved with conventional mechanical locks. Lost or mislaid fobs can be quickly removed from operation, removing any security threat associated with lost keys. Users can be issued with time restricted access rights allowing access only between permitted hours and a full event log of all recent activity can be downloaded from each lock.

Smart locking technology allows for complete adaptability for changing requirements. Unlike a mechanical master key system, using a smart locking system each user’s access rights can be changed or amended whenever required. Users can be given temporary access to certain areas and for a set period of time.

Improved Security

Discrete but secure, with a complete range of smart handles and readers, SimonsVoss smart locks are designed to blend in but used in conjunction with high security mechanical locks can provide an un-paralleled level of security. Smart handles are available with PAS24 Security rating and the smart readers can be used in conjunction with a resistance Grade 7 high security multi point locking device.

The smart handles can be setup to communicate with the software via a secured offline internal network within the building meaning each lock can be remotely updated with new access rights from a central control office. Using wireless technology it is now more cost effective than ever before to have each door in your organisation secured with smart locks.

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