Door Handles

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  • Lockmaster Centre Latch Receiver

    17.50 incl. VAT
    Centre latch and deadbolt receiver for the Lockmaster range of multi point door locks. These receivers are handed, to assist you with identifying the correct handing for your door please see the illustration in the images. The Lockmaster multi point door lock was commonly used on PVC doors.
  • GU Centre Latch Receiver

    17.50 incl. VAT
    These receivers are handed and it is important to choose the correct one for your door. In the images you will see the illustration to help you identifying the correct handing for your door. The GU Europa range of locks was commonly used on the Senator range of doors.
  • Antibacterial Door Handles

    88.00 incl. VAT

    It provides active protection against the spread of germs and bacteria. The handle immediately and permanently suppresses the growth of pathogens on the handle, as confirmed by independent lab and practice tests.

    The coating on the handles contain silver ions that prevent the growth of germs. The silver destroys the cell membrane of the germs and therefore blocks cell respiration and cell ingestion. Cell division stops; the germ dies. Independent tests have shown that the handle reduces the growth of germs in this way by more than 99% – even with regular cleaning, and it requires no maintenance. The coating on the handle is valid for 5 years.

    We provide a professional onsite installation service where our locksmiths will remove the existing handles and install the new handles.

  • Code Handles

    289.00 incl. VAT

    For interior use. Compatible with most types of locking/latching products.


    • Keyless locking
    • 2 operating modes: Automatic locking; Manual locking
    • 4-to 6-digit personal code for opening
    • Locks only from the door’s exterior side
    • Simple operation
    • Easy installation (including retrofit)
    • Wire-free installation
    • Low-cost maintenance


    • Door width: 35-80mm
    • 7 or 8mm spindle
    • Up to 9 distinct codes
    • Indication light
    • Indication sound
    • Battery: 2 x CR2 3V lithium
    • Material: Brushed stainless steel and satin chrome zinc
    • Tested with a minimum of 100,000 operations, according to EN 1906
    • Fire tested according to EN 1363
  • Safeware Multi-point Lock, 2 Hook, 2 Bolt

    132.00 incl. VAT

    It can be operated by lifting the lever to engage the locking mechanisms and turning the cylinder fully, thus locking the unit. One full turn of the key followed by a downward push of the lever will unlock the system when locked. This lock features a euro profile lock case, twin spindle and reversible handing for extra convenience.

    Euro profile lock case

    16mm Faceplate

    2 hooks 2 bolts

    Twin spindle

    Reversible handing

  • HOPPE Frankfurt Munster Joinery lever door replacement handle.HOPPE Frankfurt Munster Joinery lever door replacement handle.

    HOPPE UPVC Munster Joinery Lever Door Handle 70mm Centre

    45.00 incl. VAT

    Replacement lever handle for Munster Joinery doors.