BURG-WÄCHTER Combination Padlock Numero

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Heavy-duty high-quality casting and classic design: the Numero 97 padlock makes it very easy for you to secure your belongings – and with no need for a key. Because you open and close the Numero 97 combination lock using a four-digit number combination. You determine the code yourself of course and can change it at any time in a few simple steps. For added security, you must press the locking pin in the lock body up or down when opening and closing the lock. Only then can the shackle be moved.

The Numero 97 is furnished with high-quality corrosion protection for outdoor use in all types of weather. It can of course also be used indoors for a wide variety of applications. The shackle and parts of the locking mechanism are hardened. Furthermore, the robust padlock’s shackle provides great resistance against being pulled out. This means than the Numero 97 combination lock ensures a high level of protection against break-in attempts. In addition, the padlock fits comfortably in your hand due to its rectilinear shape.


Four free-moving and robust digit rolls

The Numero 97 padlock hasbody width of 50 mm and has a shackle height of 34 millimetres. The padlock feature robust yet free-moving digit rolls. This means that you will enjoy the Numero 97 for a long time.

The padlock is suitable for a wide variety of applications. With the padlock, you can lock your garden shed, gates or cellar rooms. In combination with a coil cable, you can also of course secure garden furniture or tools.


Padlock 97 at a glance
  • 4-digit number code
  • Code can be changed at any time
  • Especially high-quality corrosion protection
  • Shackle and parts of the locking mechanism are hardened
  • Solid, heavy-duty casting quality
  • Shackle has high level of pull-out strength
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use