Simons Voss Mobile Key Padlock 8mm Shackle

  • 3-4 week dispatch time

497.00639.50 incl. VAT

Fully stainless steel padlock with an electronic cylinder lock in it which can be incorporated into an existing Mobile Key Smart Locking System. Available in 8mm padlock with 25mm internal clearance from the body of the lock to the inside of the shackle loop.

If this is the first Mobile Key Lock that you are purchasing, you will need to order the Mobile Key Starter Kit which includes the programming device and 3 Transponder fobs to allow you to program and setup your product.

Please note if you intend on using this Padlock for Online mode, the lock must be located within 25 metres from your smart bridge, if this is not possible you will need to order an additional Smart Bridge to locate near the padlocks intended location. This is not required if you choose offline mode.

Boasting an industry leading battery life of 250,000 operations or 5 years in Offline mode or 3 years in Online mode and an IP66 Weather Protection rating, the Simons Voss Smart Padlock is a robust and durable solution for external applications.

2 Year warranty on the product.

A maximum of 20 locks can be added to a Mobile Key System, should you require a system that can cater for a larger amount of locks please contact a member of our team on or 052 6128090 to discuss the options available.

This product is manufactured to order with a lead time of 3-4 weeks from date of order to delivery.