Simons Voss Mobile Key Pincode Keypad

  • 3-4 week dispatch time

383.20 incl. VAT

The Simons Voss Mobile Key Pincode Keypad can be programmed to unlock any of the Mobile Key products from the Smart Euro Cylinder locks to the Smart Padlocks and Smart Relays.

Completely Wireless and Battery operated, the Mobile Key Pincode Keypad can be located up to 20/25cm away from the centre of the Mobile Key lock. The Pincode Keypad has a long battery life with an expectancy of up to 5 years. Batteries can be easily replaced using a small Torx screw driver.

The Mobile Key Pincode keypad can be programmed with 3 different Pincodes referred to as Pin 1, Pin 2 and Pin 3, The pincodes can be easily changed at the keypad.

If you have chosen Online Mobile Key locks, you will be able to remotely enable or disable the 3 different pincodes to operate as you require.

Lead time from Date of order is 3-4 weeks for delivery. More details on how to change the codes and programming of the keypad can be found on this link (I
will send you through a blog post and video on how to change the code.

A maximum of 20 locks can be added to a Mobile Key System, should you require a system that can cater for a larger amount of locks please contact a member of our team on or 052 6128090 to discuss the options available.