Intelligent Smart Locking Systems TEST

Smart locking systems are the new way to control, restrict and audit who has access to your home or business.

The frustration of having lost your keys is now a thing of the past. If you lose a transponder, you simply block it in a matter of a few seconds, thus elevating any potential security threat.

Advantages of Smart Locking Systems
1. Multiple locks all operated from a single fob.
2. Allow or restrict a users access rights.
3. Audit trail of all recent activations of the lock.
5. Time based access control.
6. Lost or compromised fobs can quickly and easily be deleted.
7. Controlled from a user friendly app.
8. Quality and reliability, market leading product.

We specialise in smart locking using the very best in German engineering with a battery life of 250,000 operations, IP66 Weather protection and sleek elegant design etc.

We can tailor a system to suit your exact needs.

Smart Locking for Homes

Remote and key-less management of your home

Smart Locking for Business

Control daily and out of hours access to your business

Smart Locking for AIR B&B

Hassle free access management for guests


This innovative electronic lock consists of a keyless electronic controlled cylinder which replaces the normal key operated cylinder in your door so you no longer need keys to your door lock.

So easy to operate by using, Finger Scan, ​Unique PIN code or by the SecuEasy Entry App on your tablet or mobile device.

  • Why carry around a key anymore?
  • Get access to your home or apartment with a 6-digit, individually programmable code.
  • Create temporary codes for instance to grant access to visitors, service personal or neighbours when you are on vacation and delete them when you want without disrupting other users.
  • Forgot the code , simply access it from Secu Easy Entry App on your mobile device.
  • Better again, install the Finger scan model and access it from a simple swipe of your finger.

Security was never this easy !
​Finger Scan offers user friendly and convenient access your property.

  • Simply grant yourself access with a swipe of your finger over the sensor.
  • No searching in the pockets or handbag for the keys
  • With finger scan there is no keys to get lost or mislaid.
  • You are always in control as it can not be used without you knowing it.
  • It can not be picked up and used by anyone else.

The frustration of having lost your keys is now a thing of the past. If you lose a transponder, you simply block it in a matter of a few seconds.

  • All of the locks within the system can be unlocked from a single fob. Management can access every area within the organisation from their one key fob, this reduces the amount of keys each manager must carry and also ensures that they have access to all areas within the building.
  • Different levels of access can be given to each user ensuring that management is in total control over where each user can or can’t access. For instance administration staff would have access to the main entrance and offices but would not be given access to production areas.
  • Time Zone Management enables you to restrict the times at which certain users will have access to specific areas. The locks can also be programmed that they will become unlocked during specified hours, for instance the locks on a communal work area may be programmed to become
    unlocked during normal business hours, once these hours have elapsed the lock will become locked again automatically.
  • Each Lock records an Audit Trail of the time and dates that each user accessed the lock. The lock will also record the users that attempted to access and area that is out of their assigned access rights.
  • Removing a compromised users can be completed quickly and without effecting any other users within the system. Unlike conventional Master key systems where if a Master key becomes compromised the system must be replaced, if a key fob becomes compromised it can be simply blocked from operation and a new one issued if required.
  • With the introduction of Networking it is possible to have multiple different buildings in different areas, even countries all in sync and operating from the same locking system plan. This allows for the management to implement changes in any of the areas within the system from anywhere in the world.
  • Door Monitoring software within the locks can be programmed to alert the management of a door into a secured area that has been left unlocked for a specified period of time. The alert will also show the user that unlocked the door and left the door unlocked or held open.
  • The overall security of the product is high both in terms of its electronic encryption and in physical security.
  • Simons Voss are a market leader in terms of the battery life of their Intelligent locking system. The life expectancy of each lock is 250,000 operations from a single set of batteries.
  • The quality of the product is superb, each and every aspect of the product is designed and manufactured in a purpose build manufacturing plant in Munich, Germany. We provide a full 2 year on-site warranty with the system.
  • No yearly maintenance contracts or on-going license fees, batteries will require replacement after a number of years however.
  • Taking into consideration the amount of advantages, large amount of functions and the overall quality of the locking system the cost of the system is more than reasonable.