Keyless Push ​Button Locks

Experience the Freedom ​of Keyless Locks

The convenient way to secure areas in regular use.

Keyless locks are used to limit the movements of unauthorized persons to sensitive or restricted areas of your premises.

Ranging from basic mechanical push button locks to the more modern battery powered electronic versions, we stock a wide range depending on your exact requirements and budget.

Simplex Keyless

Ideal for domestic & light duty commercial applications

Simplex Keyless

Mechanical & Electronic locks for Commercial & Industrial applications

Simplex Keyless

User friendly electronic lock, ideal for many light duty applications

Simons Voss Electronic Code Locks

Open your doors with a 4- to 8-digit-code. Ultra-slim PIN Code keypad suitable for both indoors and outdoors and the keypad can even be fitted to glass as no wiring is required.Save time and money because as electronic system can fitted to an existing key operated lock avoiding the installation costs of a hard wired keypad.

Electronic Code Locks & Proximity Fobs

Electronic key pad systems can be used to control a wide range of locking devices.Electronic fobs offer a step up in security levels and should be considered where varied levels of access rights are required. Each fob can be programmed to permit or deny entry to selected area’s with in a building.Fobs can not be copied and are easily deleted should the fob be stolen or fallen into the wrong hands.

Upgrade to an Intelligent Locking System

This gives you the ability to track and record the precise movement of people within certain areas of the premises and can be an important people management and safety tool. Access is typically through bio metric finger scan, swipe card or electronic fob.

​All movements are recorded and access rights are managed on site or remotely so you are always in control of who has access to your property.