​Master Key Systems

Used mostly in Schools, Apartments, Hospitals, Factories, Hotels,​Bed & Breakfast accommodation & sheltered housing.

Access to all your locks with just one key while allowing limited access to other key holders

M.D. Lock & Key
​Master Key systems are very carefully calculated to allow and restrict access to different areas within a building to different people using a minimum of keys.It is particularly useful in any place that is frequented by a variety of people with varying levels of responsibility.
We have expertise to assist you with the design and planning of your Master key System. Followed up by our supply and installation service we can assure you that we provide you with a system to suit each individual requirement. Our after sales service can include key management and a swift replacement service for spare keys or damaged locks. ​ Some of our customers would include Schools, Apartments, and Hospitals, Factories, Hotels, Bed & Breakfast accommodation & sheltered housing.
M.D. Lock & Key

When considering a master key system, always insist on
​patent protected keys that can’t be easily copied.