Nationwide Safe Sales

When considering buying a safe you need specialist advice and a quality product​ that’s where we can assist you.

Purchasing a safe is an investment, so we recommend you give it careful consideration and assess your exact requirements. Correct safe selection is important to ensure the security of your cash and valuable ​as safes are designed for a variety of purposes.
Visit our showroom and we will help you choose from a variety of manufactures and sizes that best suit your exact requirements.

Brief introduction to some of our range.

These safes are principally for the secure storage of cash, valuables and documents in a domestic surroundings. All safe’s we stock are tested in accordance to European standards and are approved with various levels of Insurance rating. These ratings relate to the level of cash and valuable content that an Insurance company will consider insuring in the safe. Generally the higher the Insurance cash cover the more secure the safe is.
As the name suggests these safes are designed for installation into the wall . A wide variety of sizes are available with various locking options including Key, Electronic Combination & Bio-metric finger scan. Ideal for concealed & covert security as the safes can be built in and hidden out of sight.
These safes are designed for the protection of documents from fire. Stringent tests ensure they will maintain an internal temperature of less than 180 degrees if subjected to intense fire & heat. We stock the range of Burg Wachter Safes which combine overall security & fire resistance along with various locking options including Key, Electronic Combination & Bio-metric finger scan.
Designed to be installed into the floor these safes offer an excellent secure location for the security of cash & personal items. As they are concealed in the floor the safe remains out of sight and does not take up any space within the layout of the room. Probably the best value of all safes when you consider the security level achieved.
The security of a banking quality safe at a fraction of their new price. Our reconditioned safe range provides the perfect balance between quality and value. Not only do you get a great safe at an incredible price, our very high standards of reconditioning means these safes will be in first class condition and look brand new.
Usually secured to the wall these safe’s provide an secure organised area for the storage of important keys. Available in a range of size’s and locking options these safes are commonly used in the motor trade for the storage of vehicle keys, also for industrial & commercial applications.