Underfloor Safes The Discrete Security Option

Concealed out of sight!

Designed to be installed into the floor these safes offer a high level of security for the storage of cash & personal items.​Concealed, the safe remains out of sight and does not take up any space within the layout of the room.

Probably the best value of all safes when you consider the security level achieved. ​​

Locking Options

Key Locking

Waterproof Lid ( Optional ) Clients are often concerned about the contents of an underfloor safe in the event of flooding or excessive water spillage in the area of the safe. Olle are one of the only European safe manufacturers to offer the option of fully watertight underfloor door.

Locking Options

Safe body to be fitted completely under the floor.It's circular stainless steel door and unique patented door design together with it's crossbow lock, make for high quality safe that you can depend on.40mm thick stainless steel door and 160 mm diameter. 2,5 mm. thick steel safe with 10 mm thick top body . Non-slump keylock. External cover with Fully Water Proof Option Steel frame for the concrete.reinforcement Epoxy-polyester paint finish, polymerised at 180 ºC. Body colour: Ral 5023. Key Locking & Combination Locking. Manufactured in Europe