Not all Padlocks are made equal

Careful consideration should be given when selecting a padlock as to to the specification of the product and suitability for the intended purpose. We offer a comprehensive range of padlocks which are ideal for commercial, Industrial, residential and high risk security applications. These include open & protected shackle versions to suit a wide variety of applications. Also a wide choice of hardened steel , stainless steel or brass shackles & bodies to choose from.

Don’t take chances with your security, insist on MUL-T-LOCK High Security Padlocks.

Do you know who has keys to your padlocks?

Using MUL-T-LOCK High Security Padlocks you will be in full control of your keys. As the keys are registered to the Authorised owner, additional keys are only supplied with your approval

High Security padlocks for demanding applications.

The shackle is locked by a double ball bearing mechanism and the key is retained in the padlock when unlocked.

Hardened steel body with hardened boron alloy steel shackle available in three lengths.

Additional features:

  • Drilling protection & bolt cutter protected
  • Protective shutter prevents dust contamination
  • Drainage holes prevent freezing

Various Key Options

  • Keyed different, where each lock is operated from its own unique key
  • Keyed alike, where a suite of locks are operated from the same key
  • Master keyed, where varied levels of access are assigned to a selection of key holders


  • Black electrophoretic
  • Cylinder mechanism
  • Mul-T-Lock’s unique high precision pin tumbler system.
  • Pick and drill resistant for High Security applications.

Smart High Security Padlocks​

The same level of security and reliability but with the added advantages of the electronic locking systems.

  • High Security padlock with the advantages of a Smart Locking system.
  • Time based access control, restrict users access rights that they may only access the lock within permitted times.
  • Control Users access levels, control the areas that each user may enter.
  • No unauthorised key duplication, due to the electronic key being encrypted users cannot get another duplicate key made without your consent.
  • User friendly app to administer the system.
  • Adaptable to every changing requirements, access right, time restrictions and adding or removing users can be simply done via the app.
  • An Audit trail can be downloaded from each lock and key providing the details on which user accessed the lock at a specific date and time.

High Security Sliding Bolt Locks

The Cisa range of sliding bolt locks provide a very high level of security and reliability. This lock is made from hardened steel housing and a diameter 13mm hardened steel sliding bolt and are a superior quality product. These locks can be supplied keyed to differ or we can arrange for our locksmiths to assemble a number of these locks to all operate from a single key for your convenience.

Brass Bodied Padlocks

This range of padlocks is suitable for a wide variety of applications from farm gates and sheds to use in industrial factories.

M.D. Lock & Key

When choosing a brass-bodied padlock there are a number of important things to consider:

  1. The security level required.
  2. Will the padlock be exposed to the outside elements or will it be used indoors ? If it is going to be used outside you should consider looking at one of the 100%
    rustproof brass padlocks that we have on offer.
  3. Keyed Alike, do you require multiple padlocks to operate from the same key?
  4. Master Keyed, do you require different users to have access to different locations yet you have a single key to operate all of your locks ?
  5. Quality of the lock that you would like, the quality of brass bodied padlocks can greatly vary depending on where they are manufactured and the quality of the material used. Even though all of the locks have a brass body the interior mechanism in the budget range padlocks can quickly become rusted and prove
    unreliable. Whatever your application we stock a wide range of padlocks to suit all budgets, from cost effect locks for lockers to high quality hand made German padlocks we can cater for your requirements.