Registered Key Systems

Do you know who has keys to your property ?

People sometimes take risks with the security of their homes or business premises without realising it because Standard keys can be copied without you knowing it.
Insist on locks where Keys can only be supplied with your approval

How many people have keys to your property?

Ask yourself the following questions to access your risk:

Residential Property Owners

  • Did the previous owner track down and return all the keys when you moved in?
  • Did the house builders give you all original keys to the property?
  • Have you or your family ever misplaced a key?
  • Have you ever had to leave keys for a workman whilst you were way from your property?
  • Do you leave a key outside in a ‘safe’ place?
  • Can your keys be copied ?

Commercial Property Owners

  • Do you know exactly who has keys to your business premises ?
  • Could you list all keys holders and know that no keys were ever copied without your consent ?
  • Would you know if any of your key holders ever lost or mislaid a key to your property ?
When considering locks for your Home or Business always insist on high security locks that operatd by Registered Pateneted Keys. These systems will guarantee you total key control, as a result you will always know who has keys to your property.

Additional keys can only be supplied to the registered owner or authorised representative of the owner on receipt of a written signed request.

Unauthorised persons will not be able to get keys cut. So you can give a key to a builder, cleaner, gardener, tenant etc. knowing that they will be unable to get another key cut, giving you total peace of mind.

At M.D. LOCK & KEY we have our own registered key systems which is exclusive to us, meaning that keys are cut and issued by us and no other locksmith.