Smart Locks for Homes

Convenient access your property

  • Grant yourself access with a swipe of your finger over the sensor.
  • No searching in the pockets or handbag for the keys
  • With finger scan there is no keys to get lost or mislaid.
  • You are always in control as it can not be used without you knowing it.
  • It can not be picked up and used by anyone else.

No Key Required to Access your Home

This innovative electronic lock consists of a keyless electronic controlled cylinder which replaces the normal key operated cylinder in your door so you no longer need keys to your door lock. Easy to operate by Finger Scan, Unique PIN code or by an App on your tablet or mobile device.

Central Management of all Key Holders

Assign codes to family and friends that can easily be changed at regular intervals. Give couriers a temporary code to deliver a package when not at home.

Full Record of Access

Keep an audit trail of who accessed the property and when 

The frustration of having lost your keys is now a thing of the past. If you lose a transponder, you simply block it in a matter of a few seconds. No more lost keys. Simply remove users from the system when required.

Unlock the door via the web app from anywhere in the world