Smart Locking for Airbnb

Manage Guest Access to Accomodation

Smart electronic locking systems has opened up the world of opportunities for AirBnb management.

Step 1. Setup the Stay Details

Managing the system is easily done using a phone app.

Simply enter the date, time and duration of the guest’s booking. Any extra details such as wifi or alarm codes relating to the property can also be included.

The app will generate a unique pincode or electronic key to be sent to the guest via email, text message or Whatsapp.

Step 2. Guest Receives the Details on their Phone

For the guest, it is easy to use. On receipt of the message simply unlock the door using the pincode or by clicking on the link to the electronic key using the phone app downloadable from the app store.

Maintain Full Access Control

The process for both the manager and the guest is very intuitive and user friendly. 
The unique pincode or electronic key will only activate during the allocated times of the stay and outside of those hours they will not work, keeping you in control over who has access to the property. 
Maintenance staff can be issued with a longer term access right allowing for regular cleaning and maintenance of the property.