Smart Locking for Communities

Community facilities such as GAA grounds, All-Weather fields and community halls receive a wide variety of interest groups on a daily basis and structured control over which users can access certain facilities is important.

With the implementation of a Smart Locking System all areas can be easily controlled while still providing the versatility to adapt to changing requirements such as different access levels.

Better Control

Control and administer a user’s access rights quickly and easily

Time-based Access

Restrict the hours that each user can access certain areas

Full Audit Trail

Full event log over who accessed each area at a specific date and time

Single Access

One fob to operate all areas relevant to each user

Secure Areas

Control the access to areas storing valuable content or areas that require a booking to use.

Easy Maintenance

Lost and mislaid fobs can easily be deleted and new fobs issued

Validity Period

Each fob can be programmed to cease working once the users membership expires, the fob can be reprogrammed once the membership has been renewed.