Smart Locking for Homes

Convenient access to your property

Our smart locking systems combine the physical strength and security of multi point mechanical locking systems while providing you with the advantages of keyless access to your home.

Keyless Access to your Home

An electronic controlled cylinder replaces the normal key operated lock in your door. Use a PIN code, fob or the smartphone app to open your door instead.

Central Management of all Key Holders

Give temporary access to guests with the Key-4-Friends function in the smartphone app and change it at regular intervals.

Full Audit Trail

Have a record of who accessed your property and what times

Time restricted access can be given to users to restrict the hours that they can access the property and also, if required a full audit trail of recent activations can be downloaded from the lock.

Lost or mislaid key fobs can easily be removed from operation and new ones added, preventing any security risk.

Peace of mind in knowing that your home is secured with high security locking system that provides both a high level of physical and electronic security. 

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