Multi-Point Door Locks

​It’s estimated that 90% of Irish homes have some form of multi-point locking on their external doors to the property. These range from uPVC, aluminium, timber, composite & sliding patio doors.
We stock ​​a comprehensive range of multipoint locks, cylinders & handles for double-glazed uPVC, Composite, Aluminium & Timber doors from all the leading manufactures including; Ferco, GU, Lockmaster, Winkhaus, ERA, Mila, Yale, Union, Fuhr, KFV & Fullex.

So which multipoint lock do you require?

Identifying the correct replacement lock you require can be a difficult task, so the following images will help you explain to us which lock have need when you contact us .
Roller Cam
Spring Latch Bolt
Tapered Deadbolt
Reversible Latch Bolt
Mushroom Cam
Hook and Anti-Lift Pin
Mini Hook


​To check your multipoint door lock is working properly open the door and operate the lock system with the door in the open position. If it works smoothly then it is unlikely that you have a problem with the lock itself. Your problem could be with the alignment of the receivers on the frame. If the lock system is hard to operate and you find it difficult to lift the handles it is in need of urgent attention. Failure to attend to this will certainly result in the locking system becoming jammed and you could get locked out.

Security Alert!

Burglars have discovered just how easy it is to bypass a standard type euro cylinder which controls the locking action of the Multi-Point locking mechanism. Basically it doesn’t matter how many hooks or dead bolts you have on your door lock, the weakest on most vulnerable part is the key cylinder mechanism. Once the cylinder is bypassed the multipoint lock can be unlocked by simply pushing down on the door handle. Using the latest method a burglar can now gain entry to your home or business in less that 30 seconds without any noise or disruption. Some of these images show extreme damage to the door handles but in the majority of case’s there is little or no damage to the handles and the burglar will gain entry quickly & quietly .
Some of our customers have been robbed while they were at home in the house, especially during the night when asleep in their bed.

Our advise is simple. Don't fall victim to Cylinder snapping and upgrade your existing key lock to an "Ultion" Snap Secure" key cylinder today !