Nationwide Safe Opening

Safe lockouts occur for various reasons and it’s our experience that the majority of openings we carry out are as a result of lost, broken, worn or stolen safe keys. In these situations we will guarantee to unlock your safe where possible without any drilling or damage to your safe.Once unlocked we will install a replacement lock & keys from our stock to ensure a swift ​solution to your security problem.
As professional safe engineers we have the ability to pick open the most common safe locks in the Irish market. While not all safes locks are pickable, it’s always our first approach and the client will be advised in advance.Why not give us a call and see what we can do for you . When requesting the services of a Safe engineer or Locksmith to unlock your safe always ask for an overview of how they plan to complete the job. If their first approach involves cutting, grinding or even ​drilling you may not have contacted the most experienced engineer.

Failed Burglary Attacks

Failed burglary attacks can often leave the safe locked out and un-lockable using the existing key or combination, again we can assist you in this situation.The opening approach in this situation will vary considerably depending on the damage, but we are fully equipped and experienced to deal with these situations.As with all our services an indicative estimate will be provided and agreed before the commencement of any work.

Safe Moving & Storage

We are equipped to deal with a wide variety of safe installations and removals catering for all applications.

Safe moving is a very specialist service and requires equipment that is unique to the trade.

Anything from a small commercial safe to a 2 tonne banking quality safe if needed

We have the ability to lift and transport all manner of safes on a nationwide basis.

We also offer a warehousing facility to customers. Therefore if you are in the process of moving premises or maybe having building work carried out and you need your safe or safes to be stored for a while, we can happily accommodate you.

If, on the other hand, you just need a safe or door removed and disposed of, we can of course take care of that too.

Safe Identification 

We have established a large database of safe specifications and can quickly and efficiently identify a safe model and the appropriate recommended cash rating for Insurance purposes. Even in cases where the serial number is missing, we can often identify the specific safe.

With our experience in the safe and security industry we are pleased to offer a safe identification service that will help you obtain insurance cover and in some cases identify a safe that is unusable for insurance purposes. If you’d like to know more about how we can help identify your old safe please give us a call.

Specialist in non-destructive Safe Opening

Nationwide Service

Unlocking & servicing of all the leading Safe brands including.
Chubb Safes – Dominator Safes – Milner – Stratford – Dudley – SLS – SMP – Chatwood – Securikey – Epic – Ratner – Phoenix – Dreadnought – Dominator Safes – Hamber – Radway – Churchill – Leigh Safes – Brattonsound Gun Safes – Burton Safes – Chubb Back Box Safes – Chatwood Milner Safes – Chubb Safes – Chubb Manifoil Locks – Chubb Miner Range Safes- Churchill Safes – Comsafes – Cox Safes – Dudley Safes – Fichet Bauche Safes – GB Security Safes – Guardian Safes – Gun Safes – Hamber Safes – Hotel Safes – Joli Safes – LaGard Safes – Leabank Safes – Leigh Safes – Manifoil Locks – Milner Safes – Old Safes – Phoenix Safes – Polifer Safes – Radway Safes – Ratner Safes – Rosengrens Safes – Royal Safes – Secureline Safes – Sentry Safes – SMP Safes- Stratford Safes – Trustee Safes – Tann Safes – Underfloor Safes – Wall Safes – Wertheim Safes