Smart Locker Locks

Ideal access control solution for lockers and office furniture
Killian D’Arcy
March 29, 2021

Keyless access to your company’s lockers can be achieved and with the range of smart handles, euro cylinders and smart padlocks you can integrate the smart locker lock with your overall access control solution.

Unlock using the app or by presenting an Android or Apple phone with NFC capabilities to the lock

Quick and easy keyless access to the locker is achieved by presenting an Android phone with NFC capabilities to the lock, you can also use an iOS device to unlock it via the app.
You also have the option of using NFC fobs to unlock the device which can be quickly and easily programmed by the administrators smart phone. 
Our smart locker locks are manufactured by industry leading German manufacturers such as DOM, Ronis and Simons Voss Technologies giving you a reliable, user friendly and cost effective solution to access control for office furniture and lockers.

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