Smart Locks for Clever Schools

A look at how schools are increasingly opting for smart locking as a secure and reliable alternative to conventional master key systems
Killian D’Arcy
January 14, 2021

Most school principals would like to create a friendly and open environment in their school while at the same time ensure that areas storing sensitive information and valuable items are kept secure.

A smart locking system helps provide both security and convenience without creating a locked-down or prison-type look in a school environment.


Protect your building the smart way. Our smart locking system integrates the strength and security of mechanical auto locking locks with the features and benefits of smart locking technology.

Control who has access to areas storing sensitive files and information


You are always in full control. You decide who comes in and who stays out. Each user can be issued with a single fob to allow them access all areas relevant to them. Should the fob become lost or stolen, it can be simply removed from operation and a new one issued.

Administer a user’s access rights quickly and easily using the management software

Simple Operation 

Easy to use and simple to manage. Access rights, audit trails and all other functions can be administered in the PC based software.

Doors remain free to exit from the inside and conform to all fire and emergency escape regulations


That’s why some of the world largest companies use it and that’s what we mean by the smart way. Industry leading battery life of 250,000 operations from a set of batteries and no annual maintenance contracts.

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Smart Locking for Schools

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