Smart Locks for Homes

Convenient and secure alternative to traditional mechanical key locks
Killian D’Arcy
August 31, 2020

Our range of Smart locking systems are a convenient and secure alternative to traditional mechanical key locks. There are many advantages to having a Smart Locking system installed on the entrance doors to your home.

Our smart locking systems combine the physical strength and security of auto locking multi point locking systems, with the convenience of keyless access from a phone app, keypad or press button fob.

Key free access to your home, with the use of a pincode keypad, smart phone app or a remote keyfob.

Lost or mislaid access credentials can be easily and quickly removed from operation preventing any security threat.

An Audit trail of which user unlocked the door and when is available to download from the lock.

Premium quality German made parts, the product is battery operated with a life expectancy of 250,000 operations. Due to the fact it is battery operated the lock will function even when the power is out. 

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