Smart Locks for Sports Clubs

A look at how sports clubs and communities are opting for smart locking as a secure way to manage access to their members
Michael D’Arcy
January 25, 2021
There are many reasons why more and more GAA and sports clubs are choosing our smart locking system.


Our system combines the physical strength and security of auto-locking mechanical locks whilst also providing the many additional benefits of smart locking technology.

Control who has access to your facilities


Each user in the club can be given a single fob to allow them access all areas relevant to them. For example, club management can have a single fob that will unlock all areas within the facility, while players can be issued with a fob that only allows them access to training areas.

Validity Period 

Access to areas such as a club gym can be given to members for a set period of time. For instance, a player with 12 month gym membership can be issued with a fob that has with a 12 month access right. Once the time elapses the fob will automatically stop working. Once the membership has been renewed the fob can be activated again.

A full event log of all recent activity can be downloaded from each lock.


Club management always stay in full control over who goes where. A full event log of all recent activity can be downloaded from each lock. Our system also uses highly encrypted fobs which prevents them from being copied or cloned, keeping management in full control.


Our smart locks are extremely reliable and produced to an incredibly high standard in Munich, Germany. They come with an industry-leading battery life of 250,000 operations. No annual maintenance contracts are required. We do however recommend conducting a battery change every 3-5 years.
The product also comes with an IP66 weather protection rating and is tested to perform in conditions up to -25 degrees Celsius.

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Smart Locking for Sports

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