Smart Locks for Student Accommodation

Managed access control for college apartments
Killian D’Arcy
May 31, 2021

Managing facilities such as student accommodation poses a lot of challenges when it comes to controlling, auditing and administering access levels to each unit. 

Each student will require access to the main building and their apartment, while facilities management will require access to the main building and store areas but security may require access to all areas within the building. It can be a difficult task to keep on track of all users’ access levels and activity.
Here are the top 5 reasons to choose a smart locking system to simplify managing student accommodation:

1. Hassle Free replacement of lost or stolen fobs

Lost mislaid or stolen fobs can quickly and easily be removed from operation and replacement ones issued.

2. Audited

A detailed audit trail of all recent locking activity can be downloaded from each lock.

3. Validity Period

Fobs can be programmed to operate between set dates, for instance a tenant’s fob can be programmed to operate only for the duration of their lease agreement and once this time has elapsed the fob will stop working.

4. Secure

Secure and encrypted fobs which cannot be duplicated or cloned. This gives management complete control as users will not be able to get any additional fobs without building managements permission.

5. Easily Administered

Adjust access levels, add or remove users, read an audit trail and many more tasks can be completed quickly and easily in the PC based software.

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